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Welcome to Dignova

DIGNOVA IT Services Division specializes in value-added IT infrastructure solutions that compares with the most advanced development and implementation of IT applications globally. Drawing on its wide industry experience and top notch technical expertise,  DIGNOVA IT Services help businesses deploy cost effective, reliable, stable and secure enterprise solutions. We work with our partners like eApps Africa, Vmware, Microsoft, Bitdefender, Lenovo and others, where necessary, to deploy world-class infrastructure solutions to our clients.

  • DIGNOVA IT Training Services Division provides IT education and training to individuals and corporate clients. Training is hands-on and provided by certified trainers and industry experts.
  • DIGNOVA Electronics Division produces notebooks, desktops, servers, tablets and smart phones. The Electronics division also partners Lenovo, HP, Epson, Dell, Toshiba, APC, Fujitsu, Mustek and other major global device production companies to supply, distribute, install and provide preventive maintenance services to clients.
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Because of changing business and technology environments, organizations must keep abreast with new technology developments to remain efficient and competitive. This requires the migration of existing applications, tools and databases running on existing environments to completely new environments which sometimes require complete restructuring/re-design of IT systems.

Dignova assists organizations to transform legacy systems into state-of-the-art systems while preserving and/or enhancing their functionality. We have the right skills, tools, and processes to manage the complexities associated with migration and/or re-engineering of your business applications. Our experience working on various tools and technologies has helped us to understand the complexities of migration projects. We work closely with the customer to explore all design possibilities and select the option best suited to meet requirements and objectives.

Our specific offerings include the following: • Migration to newer technologies • Database migration • Platform migration • Architecture re-engineering • Application re-engineering

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We offer you  total Innovative IT Solution


Dignova effectively monitors your operations and provides the best solutions  .



Dignova has the capacity to effectively optimize your systems to yield results.



Dignova offers managed services for your business,including IT procurement.